Version 0.6.2 (first bèta release)


1. Better export functionality (supported by Anychart 4.2.1):
- Save chart to PDF
- Save chart as image
- Print chart directly
2. Better look and feel creating a better overview
3. More grid lines on the chart
4. The use of all standard APEX wizards in the Apex Builder
5. Easy conversion plugin changing your chart with the click of a button
- This uses greasemonkey
6. Convert the following charts from Anychart 3.3 to Anychart 4.2.1 :
- Candlestick
- Horizontal Range 2D Column
- Horizontal Range 3D Column
- Horizontal 2D Column
- Horizontal 3D Column
- Range 2D Column
- Range 3D Column
- Scatter
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column
- Stacked Horizontal 3D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 2D Column
- Stacked 2D Column (Percent)
- Stacked 3D Column
- Stacked 3D Column (Percent)
- 2D Column
- 2D Doughnut
- 2D Line
- 2D Pie
- 3D Column


  1. Label rotation degree values must be divisable by "90" (so 45 degrees is not supported yet)
  2. Color schemes are not supported yet
  3. 3D Pie chart is not included, it will show a blank region if you convert the chart
  4. No support for Gauges. Anychart 4.2.1 doesn't support gauges yet. This means the standard apex "Dial" cannot be converted
  5. "Use custom XML" is not yet supported, the definiton in the Custom XML field, is the "old" Anychart 3 XML definition

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